Doe Deere: A Female Entrepreneur

Since their launch in 2008, Lime Crime has not only taken the makeup world by storm but has blown up the internet, as well. With a mission to revolutionize makeup by creating color palettes so bright that they shock the masses, it’s no wonder they have become leaders, trend setters and a cult favorite in social and digital space.


Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime and self proclaimed Queen of Unicorns, is a force to be reckoned with. This Russian born makeup enthusiast didn’t start out this way. She claims that her childhood dreams weren’t even that big. At the age of seventeen, she moved to New York with a dream of becoming a musician. This dream was quickly accomplished with her positive outlook and tons of ambition. Fortunately for us, Doe stumbled into the world of makeup a bit later and fell in love. This wasn’t her first business venture though. At thirteen she capitalized on the sale of novelty temporary tattoos just by wearing them and explaining to classmates that it was ok to wear them. She had fun with it and it became successful. Learn more:


Her vision started with her eye for extreme colors as opposed to the natural palette that was familiar in the world of cosmetics. Inspite of the norm, Doe decided to make her own makeup to satiate the desire for more. People steadily gravitated towards her idea and thus the legend was born. The mission quickly became, to empower women and entrepreneurs, but also encourage everyone to be themselves and follow their dreams. Doe freely offers her wisdom and advice through her Instagram to anyone willing to ask. Her multifaceted talents and imagination allow her customers to express themselves through eccentric colors and sparkle not offered in the makeup world, at the beginning of her journey. Not only is her product certified vegan and animal cruelty free, its unparalleled to anything on the market. Lime Crime makes an exceptional product with great core values all while caring for the cause and the community. They regularly donate to charities that benefit, women, children, and animals. Since the beginning over $16,000 has been given freely and openly to help a number of charities.


Doe is quickly becoming an icon in the world of makeup and individuality. Her shining example of devotion to her company, community, and consumers is inspiring to all. Lime crime is sure to takes its place in history alongside the fabulous and continue to build up young expressive people all over the world. Learn more: