Sparks Leading the Way toward Capital Innovation

When it comes to starting up a business, few do it better than Marc Sparks. The Dallas-based entrepreneur as been associated with over 30 companies over his business career and still has a major role in several of them to this day.

Sparks, who once authored a book titled “They Can’t Eat You“, is perhaps best known for being the manager of Timber Creek Capital, private equity boutique firm that specializes in business and investment support for individuals and start-up companies. The company first began in 2007, but remains active in the business field.

Timber Creek Capital LP can has Dallas-based offices which can host up to three different companies during the start-up incubation period. It provides a natural work environmental and relaxed setting for new firms to lay the groundwork of their new business venture.

It also is the type of work environment which Sparks visions and often champions. He believes a good work environment is often crucial to the success of a company and many new companies too often make the mistake of cutting corners when establishing home office space. When done right, the office can maximize work efficiency and collaboration among colleagues.

Sparks has overseen the creation and start-up of many different companies. His book outlines has many successes, but also his failures and his journey in trying to develop a workable plan in today’s evolving world of entrepreneurship.

Timber Creek Capital is a company he has founded and still owns. Under Sparks, Timber Creek Capital has engaged in the creation of businesses in a wide array of fields ranging from mobile wireless services to hospital management services and even truck hauling service companies. Such companies as Blue Jay Wireless LLC and Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals are currently affiliated with Timber Creek Capital. Learn more:

Sparks helps businesses in such ways as funding grant money their way. He also supports various causes in his philanthropy, particularly causes for children, and dabbles in various of interests such as wine tasting. Learn more:

Having a Good Business Strategy with Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the executive chairman and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He lives in Switzerland. Baur is more than just an entrepreneur but also a leader and an investor. He has been successful in all the paths. Mike Baur has an MBA from Berne University as well as another MBA from Rochester University in New York City. Baur has an experience of 20 years in the banking industry. He was first an Intern at UBS when he started his long path in the banking industry. After some he emerged to be a board associate of one of the private banks in Switzerland. His banking and business career have been a success because he has always used what he learned in entrepreneurship to keep growing his career.


Dedicating part of his time in coaching young entrepreneurs to do better in their enterprises and in future is what motivates him to keep moving. Being in Switzerland leads him to keep counseling and training potential entrepreneurs to have a good strategy in their business. Training and mentoring them is not his only role to them but also helping them financially to start on their business careers. Since Baur is also a leader, he teaches them about the right ways of being good administrators in their businesses. At Swiss Startup Factory, Baur takes charge of the financial procedures and fundraising. The company has associated itself with CTI and Fintech Fusion organizations.


The accomplishment of Swiss Startup Factory has led to it being mentioned as the top private company. 2014 is the year that it was launched. Due to the coaching and training of young entrepreneurs the company does, it wants the motivated candidates who are ready to work on their business in order to support them fully. They offer a course that has a period of 3 months, this course assists the entrepreneurs in so many ways. This program has each step that it takes for one to be a great entrepreneur. Some of the services the company offers are finance, counseling and working space.


Apart from helping young business people, Swiss Startup Factory also initiates exceptional companies that will have prosperity in the coming days. Furthermore the employees at the company work together as a team hence are having a good working environment to keep prospering. The organization sees that they can also teach the entrepreneurs on having an incredible start on their enterprise.


Apart from the mentioned services that the company offers the young entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs are privileged to show what they can do, this helps the staff to see what their skills are. Mike Baur looks forward to keeping helping such potential people to do great in future.