Michael Lacey Uniquely Contributes To The Field Of Mathematics

Michael Lacey’s success is extensive, and apart from serving as a professor, he has played the role as a member of different committees organized to research on various issues affecting the community.

As a result, he has been part of the Science Diversity Committee, Faculty Advisory Committee, Undergraduate Committee, Mathematical School Committee, and Hiring Committee of the School of Mathematics.

Michael Lacey loves diversity, and he believes in the ability of everyone to become successful. As a result, he has previously welcomed all people to the field of mathematics. As part of the Hiring committee at GIT, he has managed to hire more than ten women to help in advancing the study of math. Michael Lacey believes that input from everyone is what will help to push for the better approaches in math.

Everybody in the society has a unique talent, and allowing each person to advance his/her ability in the right manner can create the opportunity for other mathematicians to become great persons just like Michael Lacey.

Michael Lacey also served as a chief editor for the Harmonics Analysis Proceedings(HAP) that were undertaken by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

The acceptance rate of the papers that were submitted to HAP on a yearly basis was 25%. Approximately 80 documents were presented each year.

Michael also worked as an editor for the Geometric Analysis Journal, and he has played the role of the lead researcher in many projects. Michael Lacey is also a member of the Editorial Nominations Board. At AMS, he also served as the chief Organizer of CRM for Barcelona.

It is quite clear that Michael Lacey has played a significant purpose in the society, and for that matter, he is known in different sectors of education as a person who provides better solutions.

The considerable contribution of Michael Lacey at AMS has earned him indisputable expertise, skills, and excellent reputation that has never been associated with any other mathematician.

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