Goettl Air Conditioning Adds Walton’s Heating and Air to its List of Acquisitions

Goettl Air Conditioning is always on the verge of improving its customer service and product portfolio. As a mechanism to achieve this goal, the company usually indulges in financial transactions such as acquisitions. Its most recent acquisition is a family-owned HVAC firm known as Walton’s Heating and Air. However, Goettl did not disclose the financial details of this transaction.

The acquisition gave Goettl a chance to venture into the HVAC market in California. Goettl maintains its presence actively in markets such as Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. The company developed an interest in Watson back in 2015. It tried to convince Watson’s head, Todd Longbrake with no success. Longbrake ultimately gave in after he heard positive reviews about Goettl.

Despite Watson’s Heating and Air being acquired by Goettl, Todd Longbrake is among the professionals who were retained. At Goettl, he is expected to serve as a field supervisor and sales manager. He joins the firm’s leadership team that is headed by founder and CEO, Ken Goodrich.

Ken Goodrich was excited about Longbrake’s retention. He said that Longbrake had already learned the basic operations of Goettl and adjusted to the company’s working environment. Goodrich is hopeful that Longbrake will steer continued growth and innovation as a sales manager at Goettl. Apparently, the acquisition deal was finalized two years ago. Goodrich was hesitant to announce because Watson’s experienced operations and marketing technicalities.

Goettl Air Conditioning currently consists of a professional team of 306 individuals. This number is inclusive of Watson’s employees who were retained. The HVAC firm is on the verge of creating 200 additional jobs in Phoenix and Tucson markets, which are deemed to be lucrative. Goodrich pointed out that the firm seeks to expand to Texas and northern California by 2018 to boost its national presence. Visit LinkedIn for more info.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Since 1926, Goettl Air Conditioning has been active in the US HVAC industry with an emphasis on quality and innovative products. From the company’s website, it can be noted that three brothers conceptualized Goettl. Adam, Bill, and John opened the firm’s first office in Mansfield, Ohio. They later relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in search of a lucrative market.

Today, Goettl has been critically acclaimed for its excellence in heating and cooling systems. The company is also celebrated among other pioneers of innovative heating and cooling appliances in the HVAC sector. Ken Goodrich became Goettl’s CEO after managing to purchase its shares from the previous owners.

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