Brian Torchin Addresses Rising Shortage of Healthcare Professionals as President of HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin began his career in healthcare as a chiropractic practitioner, upon receiving a doctor of chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.

According to Lulu, after establishing his own practice in Philadelphia, Brian Torchin sought to broaden his impact on the healthcare industry by aiding talented professionals find new career paths and simplifying the continuous struggle to staff growing medical facilities by healthcare administrators.

Drawing from his own experiences running a chiropractic practice, Brian developed a profound appreciation of the key role a high quality staff fulfills in shaping the patient experience and harboring a patient friendly environment.

Glassdoor revealed that in order to bridge the widening gap between increasing healthcare demand and the continued shortage of qualified medical professionals, Brian established Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC).

HCRC staffing is committed to helping their valued healthcare clientele maintain the strictest quality of care for their patients and the highest level of professionalism amongst their long-term employees by matching them with only the best possible candidates.

This requires adherence to a stringent vetting and approval process that is required for every candidate before they are eligible for referral.

Then, pairing up the facility with candidates possessing the right skill set and certifications for the position and having a genuine interest in meeting the healthcare needs of the community they will serve.

As hospitals work to integrate a more holistic approach to services, while shrinking their total cost of care and raising patient satisfaction in line with requirements of the Affordable Care Act, employing or aligning with physicians of all specialties are in hospitals’ sights such a selection process can be a difficult tasks to allocate amongst most medical administrations, especially considering the short 48 hour turn-around required for HCRC to fill a vacancy.

Considering every moment without essential medical staff another lost billing opportunity, the professional staffing services offered by HCRC lead by Brian Torchin can provided significant benefits to any medical organization’s bottom line.

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