Christian Leader Provides a Path for America’s Brightest

Let’s face it, the state of American education is abysmal. As average math scores fall deeper into the rancor of mediocrity, our leaders have not produced a viable way to increase practical ability. Obama’s “common core” was supposed to be a means of revolutionizing education, yet the end result was an extension of the already overreaching hand of government. This overarching shift evolved into a rhetorical theme, emboldening the arguments of reactionary groups, eventually coming to actualization through a Trump presidency. Now, Betsy DeVos has taken the reins as America’s educational head.


So, who is America’s new Secretary of Education? To start, DeVos is a maverick. She has excelled through the bitter resentment of media, walked bravely through protesting groups, and has managed to produce real results. DeVos has a long history as a delegate with the Republican Party in Michigan, serving 16 terms and was even chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996-2000. From 2000 onward, DeVos has acted as a donor to the Republican Party, working to foster American virtues. She has supported George W. Bush, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush. Eventually, DeVos was selected as head of American education and elected by a margin of 51-50, with Mike Pence providing the tie-breaking vote (as leader of the Senate).


How does the paradigm shift in education compare to Obama? DeVos tackles our failing educational infrastructure head on. She called Obama’s $7 billion allocation to America’s lowest scoring educational bodies “throwing money at the problem”. Instead, DeVos looks at the big picture. She is known to endorse “school choice” in the capacity of charter schooling. In this way, intelligent students lacking in privilege can advance without as much spending.


In addition to her Republican activism, Betsy DeVos is a heartfelt philanthropist. She has given over $100 million to her foundations, more than half of which went to the cause of Christianity (8.6 million directly to private Christian schools). She is a member of Acton Institute, Kennedy Center, and Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy DeVos also partakes in Republican think tanks and has even established an annual scholarship.


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