Kim Dao’s Visit to Copenhagen

Kim Dao has made several trips to Denmark between her business trip to Korea and her trip to Florence, Italy. Kim Dao stayed over Bambigirl’s house in  Copenhagen  and had breakfast with her young son. They has sunnyside up, ham, cheese, pickle spears, and iced coffee to drink Because of her sleeping pattern, Kim Dao tended to sleep late in Korea and Australia with the exception of her Korean business trip. In Denmark, Dao said she got up at 6 a.m without any alarms or wakeup calls.


Kim Dao said it rained earlier and might rain later on. It was supposed to be a nice day for shopping. Her cousin was planning to pick them up to take them back to Pedestrian Street. Kim Dao wanted to buy some clothes for her Paris trip. In the meantime, Dao and friends walked along a street that had a waterway in the center with lots of colorful boats. They ate at an outdoor cafe that served rice, shredded cheese, roast beef, and pickles with some sparkling water. Bambigirl had lox and greens. Learn more:


After lunch, Dao and Bambigirl looked at some clothes makeup and over some picture postcards of Copenhagen, including their waterways. They went to a place that makes crepes. Dao bought a dessert crepe with sliced strawberries. After dessert, Dao and Bambigirl went to try on dresses, skirts, jackets, and tops. At Bambigirl’s house, they looked over what Dao had bought, including the light colored jacket that cost her 549 crowns.


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