Impacts of Podcast Advertisement on Consumer Brands

Tom Webster and Norman Pattiz announced the results of a survey carried out on the main consumer products. The advertising tests were carried out on five different service and product categories. The podcast advertisement survey was carried out in the last half of last year. The research showed benefits of podcast advertising on the willingness to buy, brand recall, and remembering certain messages.

Edison Research carried out three surveys in 2016 to determine the effects of podcast advertising on behalf of PodcastOne. The research was conducted on both popular and less know national consumer brands. Read more: Norman Pattiz | LinkedIn

Online surveys were carried out on the audiences of leading podcasts. The advertisements ran for between four to six weeks on specific podcasts. The same methodology was used on all podcast ads to avoid biases.

The findings from the post and pre-campaign surveys indicated that the podcast audiences were highly receptive to advertisements and there was increased willingness to buy brands. Norman Pattiz stated that the primary focus of PodcastOne is to ensure that the adverting format is far much better than traditional ones.

Mr. Webster who is the current Vice-President of Edison Research said that his company was honored to work with PodcastOne to measure the effects of podcast advertising on consumer brands.

Tom also reported that the method used by Edison Research allowed them to study consumers before and after the advertisements were made. According to Webster, the survey showed that there were positive impacts of podcast advertisements on products and services.

Norman Pattiz has worked in radio syndication for more than forty years. Norman is the founder of both Westwood One and Podcast one. Under his able leadership, Westwood One became the largest provider of entertainment, news, and sports in America. Westwood One either distributed or managed CNN radio, March Madness, NFL Football, and CBS News among others.

Norman launched PodcastOne in 2013. The company became a leading distributor and producer of on-demand programming. Some of the popular brands and personalities currently working with PodcastOne include Larry King, Dan Patrick, Steve Austin, Freakonomics, and Adam Carolla among others.

Norman says that since his company is still small, he involves himself in most operations such as sales and acquisition of talent. Additionally, he seeks information from his assistant who is always on the lookout for new information.

Pattiz immediately implements ideas after keenly assessing them. Some of the mentors of Pattiz include Steve Ross, Bill Paley as well as Dan Miller. Norman says that he has acquired a lot of knowledge from them.

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