Sparks Leading the Way toward Capital Innovation

When it comes to starting up a business, few do it better than Marc Sparks. The Dallas-based entrepreneur as been associated with over 30 companies over his business career and still has a major role in several of them to this day.

Sparks, who once authored a book titled “They Can’t Eat You“, is perhaps best known for being the manager of Timber Creek Capital, private equity boutique firm that specializes in business and investment support for individuals and start-up companies. The company first began in 2007, but remains active in the business field.

Timber Creek Capital LP can has Dallas-based offices which can host up to three different companies during the start-up incubation period. It provides a natural work environmental and relaxed setting for new firms to lay the groundwork of their new business venture.

It also is the type of work environment which Sparks visions and often champions. He believes a good work environment is often crucial to the success of a company and many new companies too often make the mistake of cutting corners when establishing home office space. When done right, the office can maximize work efficiency and collaboration among colleagues.

Sparks has overseen the creation and start-up of many different companies. His book outlines has many successes, but also his failures and his journey in trying to develop a workable plan in today’s evolving world of entrepreneurship.

Timber Creek Capital is a company he has founded and still owns. Under Sparks, Timber Creek Capital has engaged in the creation of businesses in a wide array of fields ranging from mobile wireless services to hospital management services and even truck hauling service companies. Such companies as Blue Jay Wireless LLC and Everest Rehabilitation Hospitals are currently affiliated with Timber Creek Capital. Learn more:

Sparks helps businesses in such ways as funding grant money their way. He also supports various causes in his philanthropy, particularly causes for children, and dabbles in various of interests such as wine tasting. Learn more:

Kate Hudson is an Integral Part of the Success of Fabletics

It’s hard to find clothes that fit well, look great, and are supportive. That’s because all women have different body types and it’s hard for clothing companies to cater to everyone. Typically, at least one group of women will be disappointed because clothes don’t fit quite the way they hoped. That’s where Fabletics has stepped in.


Chances are that you’ve seen advertisements for Fabletics strewn across social media. Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s brand and she’s been doing everything in her power to cater to all different women. Fabletics specializes in a line of clothing called athleisure-wear. This line of clothing is basically meant to be comfortable clothing that women can wear no matter what activity they are partaking in. The clothing is comfortable and cute enough to wear out in public. It’s also supportive enough to wear to the gym.


Fabletics has a whole line of sports bras, shirts, yoga pants, and more. The best part is that they come in sizes XXS all the way to 3X. Kate Hudson knew that in order for her brand to be successful, she would need to cater to all different types of women. She didn’t want anyone to be left out. Women that want to wear Fabletics, have a good chance of finding something that will fit their body. When it comes to the style, there’s a wide variety of options. There’s different fits, patterns, and more. Luckily, Fabletics makes it easy. They have a Lifestyle Quiz that shows what look is perfect for you depending on what your likes, goals, and activities are. According to CNBC, Kate Hudson included the quiz because it’s helping to cater towards what her consumers want.


Fabletics has seen such success that they’re now opening up brick and mortar locations to help answer any questions that future customers may have. Workers will help customers try on clothing and find what look is best for them. They will also answer questions regarding how Fabletics operates. Fabletics is a subscription based company meaning that customers pay a fee each month and in return get cute clothing and great deals. Workers at the physical locations till talk people through what it means to be a member and will help them see all the great deals that they can get!


Overall, Fabletics is quickly becoming a leader in cute and casual clothing. That’s because Kate Hudson has helped to create a versatile clothing line that is perfect for any woman of any age.

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Waiver/Wire Article Recap

Read the full article hereon NY Daily News



In the original article NY Daily News reported on multiple new players, and their performance this far. Fantasy baseball players such as those on know having a solid MLB lineup is important, and many have been curious on whether to keep some of the new players as starters. In the article some of players mentioned are Luis Perdomo, Ben Gamel, and Rhys Hoskins. All very talented players, that have shown a lot of promise.



Luis Perdomo

Perdomo has had a solid start the last three games he’s played. He has been able to bring down his ERA from 9 to 4.2, his strikeout rates are also higher than expected but Perdomo has yet to get a win.


Ben Gamel

Batting .373 Gamel has been helping his team tolerate the loss of the injured Mitch Haniger. In his three seasons as a minor league yankee Gamel stole 45 bases, he also showcased his ability to get double digit homers. Fans of Ben Gamel should be sure to keep an eye on him.


Rhys Hoskins

Hoskins has been certainly one to keep an eye on. Scoring almost 40 homeruns last season, Hoskins has been able to reduce his strikeout rate and become a valuable asset to his team. Picking Rhys Hoskins up for your team may be a wise choice.

No More Deaths and Its Association to the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

No More Deaths is an activist group located in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona which focuses on ending human suffering through the provision of humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the desert bordering the United States and Mexico. The volunteers of the program allocate water, food, and medical supplies to the migrants and also aid those that have been deported from the U.S.

The group was established in 2004 by Catholic Bishop Gerald, Kicanas, Presbyterian minister John Fife and other Jewish leaders. During the years 2000-2005, the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office recovered approximately 160 bodies annually, a number that had increased from 14 per year in the 1990s. This prompted the founders to do something to end those deaths, and No More Deaths was created. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The advocacy group has carried out several projects since its founding to aid the different forms of suffering triggered by recent policies towards immigration and border control. Firstly, the program has an all year round humanitarian presence in the south-western Arizona desert. The volunteers follow the trails leaving the water, food, medical aids, blankets, and socks.

Secondly, No More Deaths offers phone calls and first aid assistance in the Northern Sonora to those deported and northbound refugees. They also offer an informal cheque cashing for those deported with uncashable prison check. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Thirdly, the volunteers of the program broadcast abuse, mistreatment, and neglect that the detainees undergo through during their border patrol confinement. In total, the organization has published three reports including A Culture of Cruelty (2011), Crossing the Line (2008), and Shakedown (2014).

No more Deaths also help imprisoned refugees and their families to recover personal belongings from the US Border Patrol that would otherwise be lost. In collaboration with the Missing Migrant Project of La Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, the volunteers respond to emergency calls and arrange for search groups in events when the Border Patrol local enforcement fails to respond.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Frontera Fund is a charitable foundation that advocates for civil, human and migrants rights in Arizona. It was founded by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin after they encountered a violation of their human rights.

On the night of October 18, 2007, Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by Joe Arpaio, one of the most ruthless sheriffs in the United States. Arpaio has been associated with many human rights defilements, racial profiling and power abuse which include unlawful incarceration of Latinos, abuse, and murders of inmates, and vengeful abuse of power on his critics like in Lacey and Larkin’s scenario.

One time he was featured on Phoenix New Times which is owned by Lacey and Larkin, and it documented his power abuse where he used his connections to the Maricopa’s County AG office to summon writers, editors, and readers of the newspaper.

This was the incident that prompted Arpaio to apprehend the duo; however, after a public intervention, the two were released, and all charges were dismissed. After a successful litigation for infringement of their First Amendment Rights, Lacey and Larkin were accorded a settlement of $ 3.7 million. The Frontera Fund resulted from the settlement money and has since funded so many other similar organizations.