Arthur Becker’s Life and Philanthropy

Arthur Becker is among the major players in the real estate, biotechnology and information technology industries. He associates with several philanthropic activities. Becker graduated from the Bennington College with a degree in fine arts. Later, he attended Amos Tuck School of business. He began his career by moving 18th-century American house and later, became the chief executive officer of two technological companies. Becker ventured back into photography in 1990. In this line of career, he created photographic images and put an emphasis on the texture of his products.

Today Arthur Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners LLC, Madison Partners is an investment company that focuses on real estate development. The company, additionally, takes biotech businesses that are in the initial stages of development and acts as a vital instrument in their development. In his entrepreneurial career, Arthur Becker has worked with several institutions. According to, he was the chairman of the board at Zinio LLC. Zinio LLC is the largest digital newsstand in the world. He held the position of chief executive officer at Navisite, a technological company that distributes internet services. The company also provides web hosting services. Arthur ventured into the fashion industry by acting as a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company. He held this role for seven years.

From time to time, Becker attends forums with the intention of motivating new entrepreneurs. In his entrepreneurial career, he identifies that the biggest challenge is balancing passion and drive with critical thinking. For a startup, having a vision, drive, passion and leadership qualities are essential. Critical thinking helps in such a time when the entrepreneur has to adjust the strategy, vision and sometimes the employees. He further puts across that failing doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Instead, it’s a time to learn and re-evaluate your strategy and options.

Additionally, Arthur says that networking helps a new entrepreneur grow. Listening to the customer feedback and the market needs will most certainly build a businessperson. Besides his entrepreneurial inclination, Becker charitable deeds have helped save countless lives. He has donated to cancer foundations. Through biotech industries, he has actively participated in the fight against the disease.

Currently, Arthur Becker resides in New York.

Check out his social page on Linked In to learn more.

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